About Us


Aromatic Creation Delivers Clean Beauty Products Designed To Support YOUR Wellness

Supporting you in living a healthier, happier life is our number one priority at Aromatic Creation. Since 2017, we’ve put together an impressive roster of non-toxic natural beauty products right out of our home base in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our passion for making a statement in an industry saturated with toxic chemicals drives our company forward.

Products Defined By Their Ingredients… 

Each product in our selection is made with your health in mind. Whether you’re shopping for essential oils, bath and body care items, home aromatics, or household cleaners, we take special care to ensure every ingredient is non-toxic and healthy.

Keep in mind, we make all our products with natural-based ingredients in small batches. Small batches enable us to offer a higher level of quality control and give you peace of mind when you hit the “buy” button.

Our ultimate focus is to offer you quality products that you can trust to be safe for your family. It’s really that simple.

Nature does it best, that’s why we follow in her footsteps and deliver products born from her ingenuity.

Our Mission 

We’re on a mission to make sure every product in your cabinet is safe and free of toxic chemicals. Our emphasis on high-quality, natural ingredients separates us from other products on the market and gives you the confidence to use our products for you and your family.

Values That Guide Our Company 

Clean Air

We believe in the importance of clean air. That’s why we take every step possible to reduce our impact on the quality of air on our planet.

Safe Working Environment

Our team has a right to a safe working environment. For this reason, we work tirelessly to develop safety procedures that keep our entire team safe while they create our small batched products.


When you see the Aromatic Creation label, we want you to confidently make a purchase, knowing our brand stands for eco-friendliness and toxic-free ingredients.

Shop Worry-Free with a Purpose-Led Brand 

You love feeling good about your health, wellness, and body. So do we! That’s why we work towards delivering a product line that focuses on natural ingredients over the convenience & affordability of toxic chemicals.

When you shop with us, we promise you will love our products as much as we do! Each item is competitively priced, thoughtfully created, and thoroughly researched and tested to ensure the quality and the results will live up to our advertisement.

If you’re looking for primarily plant-based natural ingredients, look no further than Aromatic Creation.

We can’t wait to see how quickly you fall in love with our products!