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Do you diffuse essential oils?

I love my diffuser! I use it early in the morning, and I always diffuse something at night when I'm winding down. Do you diffuse essential oils? Why? Do you diffuse essential oils? If so, why? I have been using essential oils for a couple of decades now. They are easy to use and can be used in many different ways. I have diffused them in my room when I am feeling stressed or need a pick me up, but I am always curious about how often people diffuse their essential oils. A lot of people just put them on the oil warmer, but this is not always recommended if you are trying to get the most out of your essential oil experience.

Most importantly though—do you diffuse your oils throughout the day? What scents do you love to diffuse the most? The most popular essential oil scents are lavender, cinnamon, lemon and orange. Lavender is great for calming and relaxing after a long day. Cinnamon is often used during the winter holiday season as it smells like Christmas trees. Lemon essential oil is great for cleaning as it can remove stains from surfaces such as countertops, sinks and toilets. Orange is known for its energizing properties which makes it perfect if you're feeling sluggish or rundown from your daily activities around the house. Peppermint essential oils are also very popular with their ability to relieve pain from headaches or sore muscles due to overexertion during exercise routines such as yoga classes or running on treadmills at the gym." Conclusion I love to diffuse essential oils in my office and bedroom. I have a few different diffusers and use them to help me relax, focus, get energized, etc.

Do you use essential oils? If so, which ones are your favorites?


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