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Coastal Diffuser Essential Oil Blend 10 mL

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Experience the invigorating spirit of the seaside with our "Coastal" essential oil blend, a refreshing ode to ocean breezes and coastal flora. This blend starts with the camphorous clarity of eucalyptus, evoking the crisp sea air and open spaces that revitalize the mind and body. Lavender adds a whisper of floral freshness to the mix, reminiscent of blooming fields along the dunes, promoting a sense of calm amidst the daily tide of life. Rosemary introduces a herbal depth, its aromatic profile conjuring images of the rugged, herb-speckled cliffs by the sea. Finally, a splash of orange brings a bright, citrus sweetness, like a warm sunset glow on a coastal horizon.

Perfect for those moments when you crave a seaside escape, "Coastal" transports you to the shore's edge with every breath. Diffuse this blend to infuse your space with the expansive and restorative essence of the coast.

10 mL-100% pure, natural and cruelty-free essential oils.


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