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A popular ingredient of hair products nowadays is Argan oil whether it is shampoo or hair masque, this holds tremendous benefits for hair and skin.

Characteristics: It is derived from the kernels of argan for which fruits are extracted from the Argan tree. Argan oil has an earthy smell and is golden yellowish in colour. It does not have a light or clear colour and that is proof of its purity.

Oil Origin: Morocco

Uses: It finds numerous benefits for the skin as it helps prevent the skin from sun damage and helps in treating acne owing to its anti-bacterial properties. In short, it treats an array of skin problems. Not just that it also helps with providing essential moisturization to the skin. This oil is a small package with big benefits and is a loving friend of your skin.

How to use: It can be used to condition and strengthen your hair by applying a small amount of oil in the hair by rubbing it in the palms and put it in the hair ends. For skin, take a few drops on your fingertips and gently massage in your facial skin for a fresh, supple look. A tablespoon of Argan oil with two drops of lavender oil, two drops of lemon oil and two drops of chamomile oil can be mixed together and kept in a glass bottle. This concoction can be used for skin and hair.

Caution: While applying it to the skin, some people might develop skin irritation so a patch test is always a good idea before making it a part of the routine.

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