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Jojoba (Clear) Oil

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This variant of carrier oil finds its usage in a wide variety of akin and hair products. Be it a moisturizer for smooth skin, a shampoo to keep your tresses long and strong, or a good conditioner to prevent damage to the hair, jojoba oil is an important element in all. It also is a fabulous carrier oil as it merges really well with some essential oils.  

Characteristics: It is anti-microbial in nature and helps soothe mild acne issues. It also helps reduce acne breakouts. It gives intense moisturization to the skin. In addition, it has amazing healing and anti-inflammatory properties which help combat a lot of skin issues. It is light yellow in colour and possesses a nut-like fragrance.

Uses: As already mentioned, jojoba oil can be used for innumerable skin conditions. Not to forget, it is not just great to use individually but is also a superb carrier oil because of the house of the nutrients that it is. Precisely, it is a multi-purpose oil that is used for skin, scalp, and body. It is one solution to various problems. It not only deeply hydrates the skin and provides moisture for a long duration. Last but not the least, it helps fighting dry scalp hair breakage conditions in an effective manner.

How to use: To treat acne/acne spots a mixture of one spoon of jojoba oil and five drops of tea tree oil can be made and stored in a glass container. This can be topically applied using a cotton swab on the acne marks. A required quantity of oil depending on the hair length can be taken in a bowl and maybe directly applied to the scalp and length for 15 minutes.

Caution: It is advised to do an allergy test using a patch before starting the use of the oil in routine. If the oil does not suit your skin, it may cause skin allergies like itching, redness, and skin irritation.

Size:  60 mL


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