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Looking for something to provide sheen to your skin, make it smooth, help a dry scalp and parched skin? Then Shea nut oil that is better known as shea butter is the answer to your queries. Shea nut oil is an effective moisturizer for skin problems.

Characteristics: Shea nut oil is non-comedogenic which makes it suitable to be used for facial skin. In fact, it provides the required moisture to the skin and makes it soft and supple. It can also aid in reducing the aging effects due to its anti-oxidant property. It has a mild earthy/nutty smell. It has a clear white color. It finds popular usage in a lot of cosmetic products like moisturizers, lotions, and other cosmetics.

Uses: The oil can be applied directly to the skin. The benefit is that it doesn’t make the skin sticky which in turn gives a very soft and subtle appearance. For your tresses, it works as a great conditioner as it may provide the required nourishment to dry and coarse hair that is difficult to manage.

How to use: The magnificent property of this oil to blend well with essential oils makes it a welcomed carrier oil. As it doesn’t have a strong smell it lets the aroma of essential oil take over and linger on.

Caution: Any oil if not used in the right fraction might cause problems and therefore, caution should be taken by performing a patch test. Moreover, the excessive use of shea nut oil can cause acne. So, it is advised to use it according to its suitability to the skin.

Size:  60mL


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