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Apricot Oil

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Apricot Oil or Khubani Kernel Oil is a miracle-like product loaded with nutritious minerals that are wonderful for hair and skin. Priced on the higher side, this oil is slowly gaining popularity amongst the peeps for the variety of benefits it offers.

Characteristics: It is extracted from the apricot kernels as those are a rich source of oil content. It owns the best anti-aging properties. It is light and fetches quick smoothness to the skin. A non-sticky emollient is what describes this oil best. If you are searching for a natural night cream/serum for your night regime then you may choose apricot oil as it can be easily left-over night to get effortlessly soft skin.

Uses: These days, everyone is facing a derma issue either in the form of skin or hair. The presence of Vitamin A and C can help a person struggling with hair loss/less hair growth problem may resort to this oil. The advantage is that this oil is similar to the sebum produced by our body and hence percolates easily in the skin as well as scalp. So, if you wish to have bright, radiating skin that is free of wrinkles and blemishes, then this oil may be your friend.  

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How to use: It is a multi-purpose oil that may be used for making a blend that can be used for hair care, skincare, and finds great use in aromatherapy due to its amazing absorption property. For luminous skin, it may be used in your scrub as it can render the skin radiant in a matter of few minutes. Also, because of its excellent blending quality, it may be mixed with a number of essential oils like lavender, rose, chamomile to form massage oils. You can add 15 drops of essential oil to six teaspoons of carrier(apricot) oil.


Carrier oils make the usage of essential oils, safe when combined together. One needs to take care that it is not applied to lips, eyes, or any sensitive areas. Moreover, a patch test should be performed to check for any kind of allergic reaction.

Size:  60 mL


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