Peppermint - 100% Pure Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Mentha Piperita


Region or Country of origin: Mediterranean


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


Plant Part: Herb


Aroma: Sharp, penetrating scent based on its high menthol content; a minty sweetness



Color and Consistency: Watery, Colorless to pale yellow.


Description: Peppermint is hardy, easy to grow and reaches a height of about 3 ft. The root system spreads fast allowing the plant to proliferate. It yields purple flowers on soft firm stems. The serrated green leaves are steam distilled to extract the natural essential oil.


Family: Lamiaceae


History: Thought to have originated from the Mediterranean region, it spread around the world. 92% of the world’s commercial supply comes from Morocco.


Safety: It can be taken internally or topically.


Shelf Life: Up to four (4) years


Blends Well With: Basil, Bergamot, Cajeput, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Mandarin, Marjoram, Niaouli, Pine, Rosemary, Spearmint and Thyme


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  • Peppermint essential oil is notable for its refreshing cooling effects when massaged into the skin. The aroma can help open nasal passages and increase mental focus. When applied topically, it soothes tired, aching muscles. Aromatherapists use it to reduce headache and migraine pain, chest congestion, sinus pressure and colon pain. It works to soothe skin and digestive issues.

    Peppermint (Mentha balsamea) is a hybrid cross between water mint and spearmint. It is native to Europe and the Middle East but is grown all over the world. It grows to 30–90 cm (12–35 in) tall, with dark leaves, reddish veins, and tiny purple flowers. Morocco produces over 92% of the world’s commercial supply.


    Peppermint Oil Benefits Include:


    Reduces Hunger Cravings

    Add a couple of drops to a diffuser and inhale the fragrance to alleviate hunger cravings. It’s a good habit to do this around mealtimes if you’re trying to diet.


    Relieves Muscle Pain

    Peppermint essential oil acts as a natural painkiller, muscle relaxant, and skin softener. It is an active ingredient in commercial and homeopathic pain remedies. From tension headaches to strained muscles, peppermint oil can reduce the pain with a cooling sensation.


    Nausea Reduction

    It’s commonly given to chemotherapy patients to reduce nausea symptoms. It can be more effective than prescription remedies.

    One way to use it is by diluting the peppermint oil with jojoba oil and rub a few drops behind the ears to aid absorption.

    In a study evaluating how 35 C-section moms responded to this ancient aromatherapy, they discovered that peppermint essential oil was very effective in reducing post-operative nausea and vomiting. Peppermint essential oil “significantly lowered” the level of nausea compared to women who received prescription anti-nausea medications.

    For indigestion, rub one drop of peppermint on the stomach or drink with a glass of water. It will quell indigestion quickly.


    Natural Painkiller

    Therapists blend peppermint essential oil with a carrier oil so that it is not too strong. When massaged into the skin, you can feel the cooling, pain-relieving effects almost instantly. For pain relief, it pairs well with eucalyptus, capsaicin and menthol oils.


    Sinus Relief

    For blocked sinuses, drop three drops of peppermint oil into a diffuser and inhale deeply. Soon the sinus cavities will start to unclog. It can also relieve scratchy throats, coughs, asthma, sinusitis, and bronchitis.


    Anti-Itch Relief

    Make an antipruritic (Anti-itch) cream by adding a few drops of peppermint and lavender oil to any quality skin cream. Gently apply the cream to any rash, poison ivy blisters, and dry skin to feel instant cooling relief.


    Soothing Face Cream

    Peppermint oil is not only cooling but kills bacteria. Mix the oil, just a few drops, with a light lotion to aid in fighting acne. Dab it straight onto pimples to destroy the underlying bacteria. It makes a soothing aftershave lotion too for face, legs, and underarms.

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