Lavender - 100% Pure Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia


Region or Country of origin: Native to Europe, northern and eastern Africa, the Mediterranean, southwest Asia and southeast India. Commercial lavender oil production centers around France, Bulgaria, China and some parts of Eastern Europe and Russia.


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


Plant Part: Flower


Aroma: Fresh, flowery, sweet scent with a slight woody or balsamic undertone.


Color and Consistency: Thin, Clear.


Description: The herb belongs to the mint or deadnettle family. It’s a bushy shrub with tiny, tubular purple blossoms with 12-18 inch flowers (that spike upward).


Family: Lamiaceae


History: The ancient Greeks recognized lavender’s calming and healing properties. Lavender’s name comes from the Latin lavare, 'to wash.' The Romans scented their baths with it.


Safety: The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that lavender is considered likely safe in food amounts, and possibly safe in medicinal amounts. NIH does not recommend the use of lavender while pregnant or breastfeeding because of lack of knowledge of its effects. It recommends caution if young boys use lavender oil because of possible hormonal effects leading to gynecomastia, and states that lavender may cause skin irritation and could be poisonous if consumed by mouth.


Shelf Life: Up to four (4) years


Blends Well With: Geranium, and other florals



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  • Lavender is known for its calming properties. It is mild enough to use with babies and young children.


    They make lavender essential oil by crushing and then steam distilling the fragrant purple flowers of the Lavender plant. The oil captures all of the aroma and goodness of the original plant. Lavender essential oil’s relaxing properties make it a perfect ingredient for aroma and massage therapies. It’s a favorite scent for soap and candle making, cosmetics, fragrances and healthcare recipes.


    Typically you’ll mix it with a carrier oil by itself, but it creates a wonderful aroma when blended with Clary sage, frankincense or pine.


    How to Use Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil is versatile, and you can use it in many ways. Try adding a few drops in a diffuser or atomizer for a lovely aroma. Add it to your favorite home care or beauty recipe, lotion or blend it with a carrier oil like sunflower or sweet almond oil. Here are some of the uses for lavender essential oil.


    Promotes Restful Sleep

    Use a drop or two on your pillow to help you fall asleep faster and have a deeper sleep. It’s mild and soothing to help both the elderly or babies.


    Repel Pests

    Lavender’s strong scent may be pleasant to us, but most bugs hate it. Use it to repel moths by putting a few drops of lavender essential oil in a cotton ball then leave it in the closet with your woolen cloths. Your clothes will smell like an English garden instead of mothballs, and you’ll keep moths away.

    Mosquitoes bugging you? Spritz a few drops of lavender oil on your skin or clothes as you would any insect repellent. You’ll see how well it works and it’s completely harmless to you and the environment.


    Reduce Nervousness and Anxiety

    People who suffer from nervousness and anxiety respond well to the calming effects of aromatherapy using lavender. It has a refreshing and relaxing scent that helps you unwind and relax. It takes the edge off a hectic afternoon.


    Relieves Pain and Tension

    Massage therapy with the addition of lavender in the oil helps increase the relaxation and therapeutic effects of the massage. Lavender oil is excellent aromatherapy for those suffering from migraines.


    Helps Eliminate Acne

    Pure lavender essential oil has antibacterial properties. You can apply it directly to affected areas to kill bacteria or combine it with tea tree oil for a one-two punch, knocking out the cause of the acne.

    Lavender oil also soothes itchy skin and pain from a variety of skin conditions.


    Eases Cold and Flu Symptoms

    Lavender works well to relieve sore throats, chest congestion, and coughing. With just a few drops in your vaporizer, you can breathe easier. It helps you to recover quicker by giving your immune system a little boost. It’s not as harsh or strong as eucalyptus or rosemary.


    Repels Lice

    Lice are insects too. Lavender has impressive insect repelling properties. Mix 12 drops to 4 ounces of your shampoo, then shampoo twice a day to see fast results. For preventative measures, if you’re around lots of kids, add some to your conditioner to repel the lice before they attach themselves.


    Can Lower Blood Pressure

    The calming, soothing effects of lavender essential oil, helps the body to relax and reduces blood pressure naturally.


    Aids Digestion

    You can find commercial preparations containing lavender oil that reduce nausea during pregnancy and medical treatments. Make your own preparations using lavender oil to ensure the best quality and all natural ingredients. Lavender oil prevents stomach upset and aids digestion by stimulating the enzymes in the digestive system.


    Skin Care

    Because Lavender oil is a good antiseptic, you can apply it to help heal cuts, insect bites, and other wounds faster.


    Home Cleaning

    • Carpet odor neutralizer – Add three drops of lavender oil to one cup of baking soda. Sprinkle on carpet and vacuum after 20 minutes.
    • Add Lavender to your home cleaning recipes for chemical-free cleaning that keeps your home fresh.
    • Combine with rosemary or orange oil for a unique fragrance experience.

    Lavender essential oil adds versatility to your home cleaning or aromatherapy. It’s a natural stress and pain reducer that also helps you sleep.

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