Frankincense - 100% Pure Essential Oil


Botanical Name: Boswellia serrata


Region or Country of origin: Somalia, North Africa


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


Plant Part: Dried Resin from the trunk


Aroma: Warm and spicy, a woody odor



Color and Consistency: Thin, Pale Yellow to Clear.


Description: Frankincense comes from short, stout Boswellia trees by slashing the bark, called striping. The method is similar to rubber tapping. The resin flows out of the cuts and hardens into crystals, called tears, resembling rock candy.


Family: Burseraceae


History: Most frankincense today comes from Somalia. Traded for over 5,000 years, religions around the world still use it for their ceremonies.


Safety: It should not be taken internally and may cause an upset stomach. It has blood thinning properties so avoid this if you take blood-thinning medication.

Shelf Life: Up to two (2) years


Blends Well With: Basil, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Chamomile, Cinnamon Bark, Clary Sage, Coriander, Geranium, Ginger, Myrrh, Vanilla and Citrus Oils


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  • One of the oldest essential oils in the world is Frankincense oil. It’s obtained from several Boswellia tree species and serves as a perfume, skin purifier, and even a tea component. Frankincense has been a sought-after commodity, for over 5,000 years. They use the resin in topical skincare products as well as incense for religious purposes.


    The History of Frankincense

    Frankincense is the hardened resin of the frankincense or olibanum-tree. Similar to rubber tapping, grooves cut into the trunk allow the resin to ooze out. The resin resembles rock candy when it hardens, with the more transparent resin becoming more valuable.


    Frankincense was a vital source of trade in the middle east and China for over 5,000 years. The Romans used it in religious ceremonies. Today it still plays a crucial role in religious services around the world. It’s burned as incense for Taoism, Shinto, Buddhism, and Catholicism.

    Today, you’ll find Frankincense in skin care and other cosmetic products. In some parts of the world, they use it in toothpaste, face creams, deodorant, in all-natural household cleaning products, shampoos, and soaps.


    Many Benefits of Frankincense:

    Frankincense oil offers specific medicinal benefits, and it is useful for skin care remedies. You’ll find the oil as an ingredient in skin care products because it exhibits anti-aging qualities by reducing wrinkles.


    Antiseptic Disinfectant

    Frankincense oil has natural antiseptic qualities. It has proven to kill germs on the skin and in the air as fumes release when burned.


    Tones Skin

    Frankincense oil is highly astringent, making it a perfect ingredient in skin toner for facial treatments. It can tone the scalp and strengthen the hair roots, aiding against premature hair loss.


    Oral Health

    Frankincense essential oil works to prevent dental and oral problems due to its natural antiseptic properties. It can help stop bleeding to help heal gums, kills germs and bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath.


    Removes Sunspots

    Frankincense oil also works as an effective sunspot remover, and you’ll find it in quality sunscreens.


    A Natural Diuretic

    Frankincense oil can help you shed water weight and flush the kidneys of excess uric acid, fats, and sodium. It’s safe, natural and can even be used to lower blood pressure. This essential oil promotes muscle contractions, improving intestinal functions and elimination.


    Relief for Respiratory Problems

    Frankincense oil has long been a cold remedy helping to soothe coughs, loosen phlegm, reduce nasal and bronchial congestion. Frankincense oil aids allergy and asthma sufferers by reducing inflammation in the nasal passages, making breathing easier.


    Natural Antidepressant

    The oil can help some symptoms of very mild depression by relaxing and opening the breathing passages, increasing blood flow. Biologically speaking, Frankincense is marginally useful as an anti-anxiety and antidepressant. Depression is a serious medical condition, and you need to consult a physician if you think you have it.


    Regulates Body Temperature

    Frankincense oil can fight fever by balancing rising body temperatures. The essential oil is commonly used throughout the world to alleviate cold symptoms.


    Arthritis Pain Relief

    When Frankincense oil is part of aromatherapy, it can reduce inflammation, relieving the pain of arthritis and other discomforts. It can also combine with warming topical ointments and creams for localized inflammation reduction in joints and sore muscles.


    The oil blends well with citrus oils like orange, lemon, and lime. Its soothing scent makes it the natural choice for most aromatherapies.

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